Miracle Frost Flower Wrap

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I’ve just completed a wonderful Frost Flower Wrap as a Christmas gift for my mom! Frost Flower Wrap: 24″ x 66″, blocked, in timiQuipa 100% baby alpaca, color: rust I am so excited about it not only because it turned … Continued

Sea Life in the Sky

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Now look at what I saw forming in the sky while picking up my kids from school yesterday! Isn’t that fantastic? A softshell turtle with its pointy snout A cuttlefish hunting the other animals in the sky Can you hear … Continued

Charity: Cabled Kid Caps

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Oh, boy, how did I enjoy to finally being able to join the monthly Community Knitting group organized by Roxanna at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder, CO. Fall soccer was DONE! No more interference with my social knitting events. … Continued

Book: Seamless Crochet

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I am an avid reader and always LOVE to learn new ways of doing things. “Seamless Crochet” by Kristin Omdahl This book, “Seamless Crochet” by Kristin Omdahl, is definitely an interesting one to check out. Besides a wonderful collection of … Continued