Pattern Support

If you have a question regarding one of my patterns, you might want to hop over to my Ravelry group, Designs by Daniela Nii, where each pattern has its own thread with other knitters or crocheters chiming in as they work the patterns or where I provide online support for all to see and benefit from. 🙂

BTW, if you are not yet a member (it’s free), I can highly recommend this social network for knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners. You will not only find like-minded crafters and support there but you will also gain access to a huge pattern selection, with many of them even for free.


Snail Mail Address

I don’t know about you but I LOVE receiving snail mail! In this time of technology, emails and tweets, I thoroughly enjoy curling up on the sofa and taking my time unfolding letters and reading and re-reading my mail.

If you have something that needs to be physically mailed to me, here is the address:

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Daniela Nii
c/o Nikki’s Studio
2525 Arapahoe Ave
Bldg E4, #356
Boulder, CO 80302


Social Media

You can find me on