In Search of My Crafting Mojo

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I would have NEVER thought that life could be turned upside-down so quickly and so completely! I hope you are all doing well and are healthy in these crazy times…

My head is still spinning from all the damage this situation has done to my family with so many, well, practically all of our plans for this year in shambles…it is/was/would have been a big transition year for us with our HS Senior graduating and our younger son, a talented soccer hopeful, eyeballing a transition to European soccer….

With everything coming crashing down around us, I felt a bit lost at sea and it has been difficult to pick up my knitting needles or crochet hook.

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Eventually my love for color stirred inside me despite these dark times and I was looking for a small, short and sweet little project to perhaps kick-start my crafting mojo into gear again.

I thought to myself, “knitting stitch markers might just fit the bill!” — with the added benefit of potentially tricking me into wanting to try them out and hopefully picking up or starting a knitting project….

After a bit of hesitation rummaging around my bead bin (yes, I have a bead stash on top of my yarn stash — who can resist?!), seeing and touching all those wonderful little shiny and glittering things, it brought back all the ideas that I had when I purchased the beads. It was like a walk down memory lane…and it was good for the soul. 😀

A string of brightly colored, light-weight, polymer clay flower beads with a sparkly diamond center rang out to me and got quickly turned into 3 sets of the typical 5 stitch markers each – 4 same color (to accommodate the 4 potential raglan increase points, if you happen to choose that type of construction) and 1 marker a different color to distinguish it from the others as the beginning- or end-of-round marker.

As often is the case, I tried to learn something new even with this quick project: I opted for a looped-style stitch marker that can accommodate a wider range of needle sizes and, most importantly, is great for lace knitting. Up until now, I have always used jump rings or double jump rings for my stitch markers but they always end up snagging the fine lace-weight yarn where the ring ends meet, no matter how hard I try to keep that gab to a minimum. With this new construction, snagging should be a thing of the past now!

I might need to try out my new and improved stitch markers now….

Stay safe, be well, and happy crafting! I think my mojo is coming back!

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