Looking forward to 2019

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I am looking forward to 2019 and will be curious to see where the road will take me… but first I am closing out the year with some more crochet colorwork. .

I’ve had some wonderful downtime over the holidays and played around with some ideas that ended up in this #forestsnow cap. As you can see from the picture, we did not have a white Christmas in the Denver area this year! Wow!!!
But the winds still like to blow off the snow-capped mountains so that I combined the stranded or fairisle color technique (which I will be teaching at the Interweave Yarnfest at the end of March in 2019) with working into the center of each single crochet, also known as the waistcoat stitch. That creates not only a warm and dense fabric but also looks like knitted stitches! 😀
Thank you all for tagging along with me throughout the year and I wish you all a wonderful New Year!

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