Happy Easter!

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Ehm, it has been a wee bit since my last blog post (the understatement of the year!) so that perhaps celebrating Easter will also bring hope that I will be able to start posting a bit more frequently?

It hasn’t been silent because I have nothing to say. It’s more like I have so much to say and there is so much going on that it has been a challenge to find the time to put it all down as a blog post in a timely manner. All I’ve managed to post now and then is a picture with a sentence or two on my social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter). But there is so much more to be said and each picture has a whole story behind it.

Let’s take a look at the above Easter greeting for example.

I have quite a stash of yarn, thread, beads, paper, and fabric so that I am always on the lookout for opportunities to use something from my stash. Even if it is just a little bit. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something and who knows, after many small projects there might finally be a visible dent in my stash? I can hope, right?

Even though I am not a true scrapbooker, some pretty sheets of paper do find their way home from time to time and then I find myself hesitating to use them because they are too pretty to use! I should get over it because there are so many new and pretty ones coming out all the time that I should always find another one to make something with…

One way I have found to “use” my pretty paper without cutting it up and ruining it, is to use it as a background for crafting montages. That is, it’s not for an actual physical greeting card but it’s to take a picture of it and then to manipulate it a bit further for a final digital greeting or post. Most of the times that only involves adding some text in a font that I like or little embellishments, or cleaning up something. I have found that these digital pictures work really well nowadays with so many of my family and friends being online.

I looked through my 1-sheet pretty paper stash and picked out one that seemed to fit for an Easter theme. Then I grabbed some DMC size 80 thread, a crochet hook (size 0.70 mm) and made some pineapple Easter “eggs”. Happy with the crocheted items, I got busy with trying out different arrangements and locations on the paper of my 3 “eggs”. I use my viewing screen on my camera pretty heavily to zoom in on only the part of the image that I am planning on using to help me figure out an agreeable image cut out.

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