Missing out on Spring!

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I don’t know about you but I feel like I am missing out on the miracle of Spring that is happening outside my window during our stay-at-home mandate and I fear that we will be allowed to emerge just in time for summer! Oh, no!

So, perhaps using this time to prepare for summer when we are hopefully allowed to head back out and mix and mingle again is the prudent thing to do?

This past week, I took stock of my project and pattern queue and I’ve realized that I have quite a back log… oops! Most projects have bunched up at the point where they need to be photographed and then transformed into a laid out pattern for publishing. Some are appropriate for the season, some can wait for the colder temperatures later in the year.

So I gave myself a kick in the “you know what” and have finally released the perfect little knitted top for your summer wardrobe: the  Mermaid Beach Cover. It’s a great item to have for seamlessly transitioning from the relaxed pool side or beach to strolling down the beach walk. What do you think?

I’ve used some wonderful fingering-weight linen yarn called “Southern Jewels” from The Yarn Dynamic (who I’ve partnered with since I love linen having grown up in Europe where it is very common) to make this knitted mesh top not only airy and light but the fabric will keep you perfectly cool on the hot and/or humid summer days.

Each color is a marled color (except for the all white of course) that pairs a jewel-tone color with white. The plies have a tight enough twist so that I didn’t split the yarn at all when knitting the easy mesh pattern. And, because it is an open mesh fabric, you can knit up a lot of fabric from just one skein. In fact, I used only about half a skein per color! Perhaps I will make a shorter top with the leftover yarn…?

You can play with the colors (shown here with 5 colors + white) or keep it all in one color to make it fit your taste and occasion. The finished top will be ready to wear as soon as it hops off your needles and then as you may know, every time you wear and wash linen, it will get even softer and softer.

Have fun with it and get busy to be ready for summer! 

To check out the pattern, head over to Ravelry: Mermaid Beach Cover

To check out the linen yarns, head over to The Yarn Dynamic

Hang in there and be well!

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