Miracle Frost Flower Wrap

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I’ve just completed a wonderful Frost Flower Wrap as a Christmas gift for my mom!

Frost Flower Wrap_model
Frost Flower Wrap: 24″ x 66″, blocked, in timiQuipa 100% baby alpaca, color: rust

I am so excited about it not only because it turned out beautifully but also that I found the time to do some “leisure” knitting. Big pat on my shoulder! 🙂

For the last couple of weeks I have been so busy with my job, kids, attending middle school open houses with my oldest son, lots of knitting submission deadlines, tech editing, swatching, pattern & article writing plus all the holiday busyness that this shawl truly represents a little miracle.

I must have more than 24 hours in my day looking at that long list, haha! Seriously, there was no way I should have had the time to knit this generously sized, 24″ x 66″, warp. But here it is…

Frost Flower Wrap_model2

I hit on a little secret for this success and it is actually pretty simple:

Knit every day a little bit and you will be surprised by how much can be accomplished – and how quickly too!

That’s exactly how this warp came to be. I made a point of knitting a couple of rows or more every day. Which also meant that this project traveled with me to wherever I went because you never know when an opportunity for a couple of minutes of knitting will present itself. You will be surprised by how much time we spend waiting for something every day. And now I filled it with some enjoyable knitting! 🙂

I knit during my kids’ soccer practices, while waiting in the car for them to get out of school, during car trips for running errands where I was the passenger, during visits with friends, during an oil change, during short work breaks and before going to bed instead of reading a book. The minutes and rows will add up quickly, I am telling you.

I did make one time concession though: It’s not my own pattern but one that I happened to have bumped into a while back on Ravelry when I was doing some research for some other design ideas.

I did make it a bit wider than the original pattern called for and adjusted the length of the Frost Flower lace edging accordingly so that the proportions looked right. For a few more details visit my Ravelry project page.

The yarn I chose for this project was purchased online at DBNY (Discontinued Brand Name Yarns). It is a super soft, 100% baby alpaca, sport weight yarn by timiQuipa. And the color “Rust” is so deep and rich – perfect for the grayer time of the year.

Purchased online at DBNY

Big “Thank You” to the folks at DBNY to take the extra time and effort to match dye lots when I decided to make a wrap instead of a scarf and ordered more of this yarn a couple of weeks after my initial first order. And I have still 2 skeins left over for perhaps some fingerless mittens?

Post office, here I come! Ready to stand in line… now, where is that other knitting project I still need to finish…?

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