Charity: Cabled Kid Caps

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Oh, boy, how did I enjoy to finally being able to join the monthly Community Knitting group organized by Roxanna at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder, CO. Fall soccer was DONE! No more interference with my social knitting events. … Continued

Apple Fruit Cozy

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Another school year is coming to a close and it’s time to figure out a little token of appreciation for my boys’ teachers… It’s a little bit more complicated this year as our school district instantiated a law that allows … Continued

"Loved" Capelet

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I just love the Fall season because that means it’s time for color work and cables. Yippee! When the new Project Yarnway September challenge “Life imitates Art” got posted, I had such a hard time deciding what piece of inspiration … Continued

3rd Time’s the Charm

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Just like for writes, knit and crochet designers have to deal with (sometimes lots of) rejections. IT IS NOT PERSONAL !!! Even though I am a long-time knitter and crocheter and I get lots of uhs and ohs for my … Continued