Lots of Green in My Stash

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With today being St. Patrick’s Day and all kinds of green popping up everywhere, I wondered how the color green was faring in my stash…

I sure was surprised to find out that I had such a variety of greens in my yarn and thread stash!!

As you can tell from that previous statement, I don’t have my stash sorted by color else I would have known. I would rather describe my system as “where do I have space to put some more yarn” as I have a serious space issue, living in a 2-bedroom apartment of about 1,200 sq feet with 2 teen boys (and one of them is already taller than me!).

I am not sure what system I would pick either because my needs are constantly changing. For a few days I’m occupied with a knitting project (sweater-worth stash), then I need to switch gears to swatch for submissions (1-skein stash in all different kinds of weights and blends, sometimes “stealing” from by sweater/crochet/tatting stash), then I have a crochet idea (sweater and thinner yarn stash), then I realize, I need a small project for traveling and waiting while boys are playing soccer which could be a sock knitting, crochet or tatting project, and on and on it goes… I constantly have to be able to access different sections of my stash.

I think the best scenario for me would be to at least SEE all the yarn I have – or, perhaps that’s too frightening?

I’ll keep dreaming of my fantasy stash room…but in the mean time, I’ve come across some great ideas for dealing with your stash (small and large) through 2 blog posts on “Maggie’s Crochet Blog“:

And then there is of course the option of starting to use the yarn! What a novel idea is that!

And, what better day than St. Patrick’s Day is there to start a green project? 

I’ll keep you posted…

What are some of your solutions to dealing with your stash?

I’m curious and would love if you would share them with us by leaving a comment below.


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