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It’s been such a beautiful sunny and warm day here in Colorado that I had to take a short break from tech editing indoors, stuck in front of a computer.

I grabbed my Sexy yarn from the Buffalo Wool Company, a couple of different sizes of crochet hooks, paper and pencil, and out onto the balcony I went. The sun felt sooooo… good on my winter skin, mmhhmmm. But I made sure to keep an eye on the clock so that I wouldn’t catch my first sunburn of the season either! 🙂

In my mind and with doodles, I’ve been playing around with some ideas for a crochet motif scarf, wrap or shawl for quite a while and now I’ve finally found some time to see what they would turn out to be like in the yarn.

After a few false starts and raveling back to get stitch counts right so that the motif would lay flat, I started to like what I saw. This was definitely developing into a keeper! Yay! Not all ideas work out once you try them with yarn…

Letting things stew for a few nights resulted in me adding some color to the motif. I love those Sexy mini skeins. They are perfect to add just a bit of color without having to buy a whole big skein of yarn.

Now the only thing left to figure out is some kind of an edging and then it’s worrying time for the big question: Will I have enough yarn for the project?

Crochetville’s NatCroMo 2016

BTW, the Buffalo Wool Company is part of Crochetville’s 2016 NatCroMo Blog Tour. For the month of March, every day crochet designers, indie dyers, yarn companies and more are being spotlighted on Crochetville, accompagined with lots of contests and giveaways. It’s not too late to head over there and check things out! 

You can start by visiting The Buffalo Wool Company on their March 2nd slot. 🙂

Have fun and Happy Hooking!


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