Wonderful “Thank You” Mail

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A couple of weeks ago I received an email from one of my blog readers who was in search of some yarn to complete a project. As it turns out, the yarn was no longer available in the weight she used but she had spotted me using it for a leaf in my Apple Fruit Cozy and was wondering if I still had some left and would be willing to part with it. Absolutely!

Apple Cozy

I vaguely remembered that I still had 1 or 2 skeins somewhere in my stash but I needed to wait until I returned from my wonderful teaching trip to the Northwest Fiber Fusion event outside of Seattle, Washington, before I could go stash diving.

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty sizable yarn stash that has evolved from being mainly project-amounts of yarn, when I was knitting for family and friends, to now also including lots of 1-2 skeins in all kinds of weights, fiber compositions, colors and from various fiber companies since I’ve started to design professionally about 4 years ago… Let’s just say that my yarn has figured out how to multiply by itself!…

I was happy to give my yarn “leftovers”  a new home and purpose and help a fellow knitter out of a tricky spot with the project’s end in sight but out of yarn. It felt great and made me happy.

Was I surprised when a little package arrived not shortly thereafter!

Thank You Package

And when I opened it, I found a wonderful Thank You card and a self-made hot pad in a lovely holiday inspired color combination.

Christmas Hotpad

My heart made a jump of joy and it put a big smile on my face. This was such a nice gesture and came at the right time too, after a long year of designing, teaching and tech editing. So often we designers and tech editiors get some pretty demanding and pointy requests or comments and rarely a thank you note so that this was one of those rare treasures.

Judy not only took the time to write a hand-written thank you note but also spent time sewing this wonderful hotpad! And how intriguing it was too. It seemed to be 6 pieces, inserted into each other and only sewn around the edge. I knew I had to bring it along to the next Mile High Knitting Guild meeting because we have quite a few sewers/quilters who would appreciate this handiwork.

The hotpad was such a success and so many were interested in instructions that I emailed Judy to find out if she might have anything available. And she did! And again she just blew me away by not only sending me wonderful step-by-step instructions but they were accompanied by a set of pre-cut pieces too!

Hotpad Instructions

Judy, you are amazing and I thank you very, very much for your thoughtfulness and your gift of time. Family and friends, get ready for some hotpads coming your way this Christmas…! 


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