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Welcome to my blog about all the different crafts that I love and learn.

I am a mulit-crafter which seems to be a somewhat dying breed these days. It’s not that I set out with a plan to become a multi-crafter but it seems that the things I was interested in making myself always required that one-more-skill… and so over the years I ended up with some nice skills in knitting, crocheting, tatting, ribbon, needlework, beading, sewing, origami, paper mache, painting, and the latest: card making.

And I am still learning! Yippee! And with the web I have access to a whole new world of friends and possibilities…

This blog will help me keep track of my various projects as I am a member in so many different online communities (every craft has its own web home) that I sometimes loose track… haha… another reason to venture out on the web and find new things…

Now, the big down-side to being a multi-crafter is that I have a VERY hard time letting something go because I can always think of a project where I could use it! Nothing goes to waste… Obviously that turns into a storage nightmare so that I am at the point where I gave myself the rule that I can only buy something new after I’ve used something up from my stash.

Boy, I can tell you, that is hard! It slowly seems to work for me but I still find the best way for me to avoid temptation is to stay away from stores… ahhh, pain…

I am looking forward to meeting other multi-crafters out there and chit-chat about your crafting experiences. See you here soon!

PS: My more recent projects have been photographed and can be viewed in my flickr account (see sidebar).

PPS: I also have an Etsy store and if you seem something on my flickr account that is currently not listed in the store, just contact me and I am sure we can arrange something.

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